Sunday, September 04, 2011

A little bit of fall

Ok, it's no surprise to many of you that I am squeaking with anticipation of the fall weather. Summer in south Tejas is just too miserable and I long for the falling leaves and cool bite of autumn. Nate and I were married on a bright, freezing winter day and we honeymooned in the glorious mountains of Estes Park, Colorado.

I geek out whenever I see snow. I am automatically transported to the first memories of Narnia that I had as a child, daydreaming of stamping through the snow under the bright umbrella that belongs to dear Mr. Tumnus. Our linked arms and friendly chatter would warm my heart and I would just grin in joy over the wonderful moment. The snow always dredges up these old, wonderful memories.

And yes, I can likewise stand at the edge of the beach on a hot summer day and imagine seeing Eustace, the dragon, flying overhead and maybe, just maybe, glimpse the Dawn Treader nodding in the distant waves.

Yes. The weather has a deep impact on my senses and can almost always draw me back to Narnia.

This summer has been the hottest of my memory. I never remembered running around the neighborhood in 107 degree heat. We lived outdoors as kids, but our streets have been quiet as people attempt to stay cool. The swings are empty at the playground around the corner from our house and the basketball court only has a few brave players every now and then. Now that school has begun again, it's even quieter.

Our weather forecast for the week!
I was surprised to see that the weather might take a turn for the better this week. I saw on my google homepage that we are going to actually drop into the 80s! For this winter girl, I couldn't be more ecstatic! I feel slightly ridiculous to be so animated about a 15-20 degree drop, but seriously. It's been so hot.

We are taking the boys to the mountains this winter. Wesley's first ever to see snow. I know he will be so excited to experience it and to see the great mountains. He is one who appreciates all the wonders of God's earth.

Ah, so excited am I.

What are your favorite seasons, what weather do you most anticipate throughout the year? And does weather ever affect your nostalgia as it does me? :)

xo, jade

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