Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday. Countdown to 30!

My big brother is turning 30 on Friday. It sort of surprises me that we are at that time in our lives where we are leaving another decade....yet again. The transition from the single digits to the double digits is exciting. That 10th birthday party is sort of a big deal. You don't see yourself as a little kid anymore.  Then the leaving of the teens and the entrance into the 20's is similarly exciting, only even better because NOW you are really an adult. I was engaged at 20. And married by 21. That's nuts.

I still have a few years before I hit my 3rd decade mark, but my brother is right on the cusp of it. Nate is between BG and me, so he'll be the next to leave the 20's in our crowd. He's pretty pumped about it....I think. Jamie and I are pretty freaked. We had a hyperventalting conversation with Jena and Bianca last, really. Frightened. And then just a few nights ago I had the same conversation with my friend Abby. We are all excited. Sorta. :)

 As for my wonderful brother, I think he's pretty much gonna rock the transition. I've also decided to do a blog a day revealing a memory or a fun fact about my loveable big brother and a favorite picture or two. I have about a trillion pictures of EVERYONE. Even your Second Uncle twice removed.  Seriously. I'm just crazy like that. Great-grandma Clementine? Yep. Got a picture of her too. But Brandon's tag is definitely one of the most prominent in my photo archives. Lotsa pics of the bro.

So here are a few pictures from our trip to Canada in the Spring of 2005. We were serving some international youth from East Africa, doing after school tutoring and relationship building.

BG on an island on Lake Ontario. Toronto, Canada Spring '05
BG and I were, weirdly enough, on the same team and walked a few blocks, caught a train, took a few buses and finally would make it to the homes of these teenagers. It was a great experience. The contact that we had there was a great guy. He and BG had some good conversations and we really enjoyed the work that we did.  I think that's when I discovered I had a fear of heights. These condos that the students lived in reached high to the sky and I pretty much would get so nauseated from the view. Haha.

 Also, no BSM trip is complete without a trip to a ball game (courtesy of Wayne Dillon) and a few games of Disc Golf. Our team found an amazing park to explore complete with an amazing disc golf course. A small group of us stuck together and took a ferry to this island park on Lake Ontario and spent the afternoon admiring the luscious landscape and playing some dg. (Not me. I hate the sport. I throw like a girl)

BG in Toronto Canada, Spring '05. Jays Baseball Game.
It was a great day and we left the park running full speed for the ball game where we were meeting the rest of our group at. Wayne scored us some killer seats and we had a great time. Even though my fiance and my other bff Jamie couldn't make the trip, it was definitely one for the books. I think BG will agree that it was a fantastic experience and the pictures are some of my favorite. Our good friends became engaged on the trip also and BG was their chaperone. Haha. It was fun.

My favorite pic of the whole trip though is of my super manly brother laying in a field of dandelions with a flower in his mouth. Haha. That's one confident man, alright.

Happy Birthday Week, bro! See y'all tomorrow for the continuing countdown to 30 for my brother!

xo, jade

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