Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday: Countdown to 30

Ok! So I'm back with another fun-filled memory and/or fact to compliment some pictures of my brother. I'm posting a pic or two every day until Friday when my brother turns THIRTY!!! Woohoo! You can trackback to the previous post to see Day 1.

So the favorite pics I'm posting are from the first time that my brother held his nephews. I love looking through the birth pictures of my boys (c-sectioned kiddos) and I just feel SO blessed because both boys have been SO loved and SO cherished since before they were born and I couldn't wait to see what BG would be like with his nephews or nieces. He's always been great with kids, they seem to swarm to him whenever he's in a group of them. Probably because he still plays video games and likes to buy toys.

Uncle holding Wesley: January 2008
Uncle holding Spencer: October 2010
Anyways, Wesley is constantly saying how Uncle is his best buddy and he cries for him on a regular basis. Since my brother doesn't live in town, he generally will stay with us when he visits. Wesley's favorite thing is to RUN to wake Uncle up in the mornings and jump on him. The last time BG was visiting, he left early at 5am before Wes was up and when Wesley came running down the hall to find his uncle, the tears that I had to deal with were a sight to behold.

So great was his disappointment that his uncle had left so early. It was sad sad sad.

BG has been great with the boys since the beginning. We teased him for not wanting to hold Wesley that first day, but babies are a pretty scary thing. He held him though and I could tell they were kindred spirits from the beginning (or whatever manly counterpart to the Anne Shirley reference would be haha). BG had to be in SA the morning I delivered Spencer, but he drove straight to town as soon as he was able and held his little nephew without hesitation. He helped entertain Wesley while we were stuck in the hospital and hung around the whole weekend.

To say that my boys love their uncle is an understatement for sure.

So there you have it.
Stay tuned for tomorrows countdown to 30!!

xo, jade

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