Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday. Countdown to 30!

Nate, Jason, and BG at the Seeger wedding 2006
Hey! Y'all thought I had forgotten about today's post, huh?? Haha....I still have 40 minutes left of Wednesday.

Today was actually a nutty day and I didn't hardly sit still at all. We had our small group over and it was Shayna's birthday, so we celebrated with sparkly cupcakes and a mashed potato dinner :) It was yummy. The recipe I used for the bbq chicken was snagged from Pinterest. Lovely.

LA, May 2003

Anyways, moving on to my brother's birthday week post. The pics that I chose are kind of weird, and kind of random, but I absolutely love them. They don't really relate to one another at all, but they are some of my favorites.

BG and I didn't really run in the same circles in high school. He jokes that he didn't even know he had a sister until college, and we laugh, but it makes sense. We NEVER hung out. Mostly because we were incredibly different people back then. When I got to college, BG was a good big brother and took me along with him to different functions and BSM events. He even introduced me to Nate, my beloved husband. They were pals, I'm sure you've heard me gush about the story enough....but I owe a lot of my college relationships to my brother and his encouragement to me while I was on the cusp of adulthood.

The guys in the Seeger wedding May 2006
In Tiffys dorm Winter 2002
 BSM banquet with BG and Jamie, May 2007

So it satisfies me now, after all those lost teenage years, to have the same circle of close friends now. He's one of my best friends. And Nate is my best friend. And Jamie is our other best friend. We also have lots of friends who have gone on to get married and have babies. Our friend Jena is newly engaged (to an amazing guy) and we are excited to celebrate with her this coming May. Other friends have moved on, some to new adventures, new jobs, new relationships. We are all living life in a busy, sometimes frustrating, sometimes wonderful, way. But we all have each other. I know that if I ever were to need something, I could call up any one of the people in these pictures and they would help Nate and I out in a jiff. And BG has always been one of the best of friends to these people. He opened up his home so often. He cooks for us. He always drives people around. So these pictures make me grin because it shows how much fun we had in college, and how those relationships we made were forged with authentic living, human mistakes, and triumphant perseverance. I celebrate these relationships. And I'm glad that BG and I have become so close through the years. I really have a ton of college pics and I want to post them all so badly, but I wonder if it would bore you.

 Haha! Finished, and with 5 minutes to spare!
xo, jade

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