Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 in 4

Little Brother, turns one in a week!
Yes sir. Four out of four of us have been terribly sick this month. Normally, October is one of my favorite months. It's fraught with so many wonderful, and not so wonderful memories, and I just have always held it close. Plus I have a child born this month and any month celebrating a baby is a good month to me. I just have really struggled with this October. So much has changed in a few years, so many emotions to register. And to top it off, our little blue house has been struck with some awful, terrible, menacing, not-nice stomach virus. All four of us have been sick and while the kids seem to be better and Nate and I are extremely sick, I'm PRAYING that they are spared from any more sickness. They have been troopers while I've been bedridden (missing me) and still smiling and playing with daddy (who is NOW very sick).

I'm just heartbroken that we are spending these days wallowing and sick. No more of it, I'm calling out for good health for this house. I appreciate your prayers and love. Seriously. You have no idea how your encouragement is so good for the soul.
Big Brother saw an ice cream truck!

And besides. These two smiling faces are worth every fight in us to get better. There are pumpkins to be carved and paintings to be painted (stay tuned for an exciting post about that later).

Pray for healing. For health. And for happy hearts.

time to go sanitize some more....

keepin it real,

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