Monday, November 07, 2011

{all the pretty mountains II}

snow kissed :)
 Yes, my friend Abby said it best: snowflakes and mountains are in my soul. I'm a south Texas girl who looks out her window and sees Mesquite trees and burnt grass. I live by the Gulf of Mexico and I see wishy washy beaches. Though, to be fair, the waves do {always} capture my interest, and often I stand at the waters edge and think of those I've loved and lost, and am often swept away by the beauty of the salty seas and my own memories.

But the mountains and their majestic wisdom tower over me with a power that I cannot explain. Their rocky halls are mysterious and beautiful to me and I am often left speechless. The first time I met the mountains, I was 15 years old and quite dreamy. (Who am I kidding? I'm halfway to 28 and I still have fluff between my ears) The first time I laid my eyes on those towering cities of rock and moss and tree, I stood in silence and wonder. I was anxious to explore them, and hike I did. With a group of people I barely knew, but was anxious to impress. Thankfully, I didn't need to impress them and they loved me in spite of myself. The mountains, they loved me too. And I felt peace. And I felt whole.

My husband, he loved me in spite of myself too. He married me with sparkling eyes, and swept me away to the mountains surrounding Estes Park for our honeymoon. And it was perfect.

And finally, nearly 6 years later, we were able to go back to the mountains that I love, even if the trip was brief and busy. My heart swelled with peace again and I longed to have my little explorers there with us (though I quite enjoyed the special alone time the husband and I celebrated). I just know the first time I bring my sons to the mountains, they will marvel in the beauty and majesty that has stolen their mama's heart. Wesley is very attuned to the matters of the heart and soul, and I am excited to see him fall in love with those old hills just as I have.

the view from our hotel
So the reason we went to Colorado was that Nate had some training to do in Denver. He was in meetings for about 5 or 6 hours during the day, and we were free to explore and have fun in the evenings. For any mom, getaways are vital. But it's rare for mamas to get alone time. Usually the "getaways" involve the daddys (which is a GOOD thing) but the alone time for me in the land that I love was beyond magical. I was able to explore, and eat by myself, and sit on a bench outside and just absorb the beauty around me (with a peppermint mocha in hand). It was splendid. I also was able to spend some time with one of Nathan's co-workers charming lady love. She was wonderful to spend time with. I enjoyed her company immensely.

The best part of the trip was the snow. God knew it was just what I needed and on the second evening we spent in Denver, Nate and I were curled up on the big bed with our books and computer, watching the snow fall out our window. We were like kids, jumping up every so often and pressing our faces up to the window to watch the snow fall. And when we awoke, the snow had blanketed everything in this glorious, magical white veil. It was perfection. And really, really cold. :) I loved it. I dragged Nate's co worker around and made him take pics of us. He was a good sport, for sure :)
One of the most comfortable hotels I've stayed at

Thankfully, our fabulous hotel (Element by Westin) had a shuttle service, so i didn't have to drive myself around through the snow (I wasn't ready to test my snow-driving skills on a rental) so the driver dropped me off at the mall. {Let me also insert here that I absolutely LOVED our hotel. One of the best we've stayed at} I walked around the mall and met mall employees and had lunch with my new friend, and just enjoyed myself. A policeman saw me walking around outside in the snow (it was still snowing pretty steadily) smiling to myself, and I squeaked "I'm not from here...." to which he just smiled and gave me that look that said "i knew that already".

At one point, we drove around to one of the local state parks and the big sky, meeting the big cliffs, meeting the wide, open prairie, made me swoon and I couldn't get this song out of my head. It just bubbled out and I couldn't stop squealing from the joy of it.

We missed Wesley :)
We missed Spencer :)
I am so ridiculous, but I am so so thankful for our little trip. Four days away from my babies was tough, but four days away with my husband + some bonus alone time was magical.

Magical. :)


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  1. I'm so glad that you two had such a fabulous trip!! Aren't mountains some of God's most majestic creations? I love them too! :)