Thursday, November 17, 2011


My beautiful friend Julie posted this sweet little Do's & Don't's of her life today.
I appreciated the humor. The honesty. And the perspective.

More often than I'd like to admit, I battle with those rotton feelings of insecurity and I ask myself those comsic questions "Am I doing this right?" "Am I messing up?"

You human beings know what I'm talking about. Whether your story is leading you on a road of motherhood, fatherhood...or if you're walking the mighty walk of singleness. Or you may be a teacher, a student. Whatever your story, you're human, thus (according to our old natures) giving you the ground to fight with yourself.

I very much enjoy it when a window is opened for me and light shines in and I realize my moments on this earth are directed by a much higher, and much more beautiful God of hope. If I were doing the directing of my story, it would be quite the mess. (You KNOW how unorganized I am).

So reflecting back on Julie's post (she's pregnant with her fourth son and one of my most favorite of women) I smile with pleasure at the thought of all that DOES and DOES NOT go on in our house. :)

Shall I share a few with you now?

  • I do have a morning and afternoon playlist of music for our house to listen to
  • I do take the boys for lots of walks
  • I do let art happen
  • I do read to my boys often and in different voices
  • I do tell stories that come out of my head
  • I do get on the floor and play with them
  • I do feed my boys fruits and veggies...and crackers and cookies
  • I do sing to my boys (not very well)
  • I do take pictures every day and show the finished work to the boys
  • I do take the boys exploring the city
  • I do emphasize the need for salvation and pray with and over my children daily
  • I do serve cereal. For breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • I do let tv happen
  • I do enforce chores with my 3 year old
  • I do allow imaginations to fly and dirt inside the house
  • I do cook....sometimes :)
  • I do give lots of hugs and kisses
  • I do take my boys to Camp Zephyr to play and explore
  • I do let them have a dog to love and be loved by
  • I do turn shopping trips into educational experiences
  • I do laugh (a lot) with my kids
  • I do allow them to see me cry

  • I don't allow bad manners
  • I don't shop organic
  • I don't have my own chickens
  • I don't get 8 hours of sleep
  • I don't mind reading the same stories over and over
  • I don't sew. At all.
  • I don't do math. Ever
  • I don't eat canned green beans, so rarely does my family
  • I don't put the boys in school or day care
  • I don't enforce bedtime
  • I don't sort laundry.....or keep up with it, often
  • I don't pressure for perfection.
  • I don't mind listening to every David Crowder album in one day
  • I don't always have a game plan
  • I don't take showers every day. (that ones for you Julie)

The list goes on, but I'm thankful for the perspective. The things that I do and do not allow to happen in my home are all wonderful, silly, learning experiences. And while I don't have a "parenting" game plan, I'm thankful for wisdom from others, for my own intuition, and for the direction of an Almighty God. 


xo, jade....


  1. I don't take showers every day, either! But, I think this list is a great idea! My goal for tomorrow: Do's and Don't's! <3

  2. Also, I plan to not have a "game plan" either. I think its important to allow kids to be kids. My parents were strict with us, but we were kids. We had chores, but every once in a while we were still allowed to play outside even if we didn't do them. My only "plan" is to allow Baby Marc to explore and learn the world without any limitations. Well, mostly. I think he needs to so that he can appreciate the little things in life like I'm trying to remind myself to do.