Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{To Narnia}

I can't get Narnia out of my head tonight.

Ever have those days where it moves so fast, that suddenly it's nearly 11pm and the moon is quickly climbing high in the sky.....and you find yourself wide awake.

My house is quiet.

Well...except for the whirring of the fans
and Andrew Peterson and Jill Phillips playing in my iTunes rotation.

I wish they were my real friends.

Not to say I'm not thankful for the friends that surround me daily. I am blessed indeed by such a beautiful community of caring and loving and creative individuals.

But sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong place.

I don't love South Texas.
I love many many people here.
But I don't love it HERE.

But I wonder. Would I love it anywhere?
(the mountain dweller within me is SCREAMING yes yes yes!!)

But truly. Would I be happier in the north? Or maybe even further south (NOOOO!)

Did you know that it has been twelve days since we flew home from Colorado.
And I have looked at a picture of the mountains every day since.

No. I know it's not the mountains that I'm thinking about tonight. Beautiful as they are.
I know it's not my dissatisfaction with a region that makes me restless.

It's because I'm living in a temporary place.
This is not my home.

I think of how I read Narnia every year. A couple times, actually. It's in my head. In my brain. In my heart. In my very being.

I must remember to thank good ol Jack Lewis for his nice words. They are such pretty words that have wound up my heart until it feels it might burst.

Not to mention the thunder I heard today. I heard it in the distance as I drove home. I felt this strange giddyness, just hoping that I would see some lightning.
And sure enough...a bright streak across the sky.

And Rich filled my head with his pretty words. Ah, they are such pretty words.

This is me smiling. ::smile::

Ah. back to work.

xo, jade...


  1. The first cold front always makes me think of Narnia... :) I read them every holiday season. It's about time to read them again! Something about the magic of the holidays and the magic of that land just goes together. You are such a sweet writer Jadie. Always always love to read your posts. <3

  2. I LOVE Narnia.. I always get a little sad though when I read them, something about the fact that I have to wait to be that close to God.. I wish I could live in Narnia all the time! - when I was younger I cried when I realized that I too couldn't jump into a picture and appear in Narnia - a little too big of an imagination if you ask me ;) Love you blog, everything is just super sweet <3