Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Color Me Jade


Since Christmas is only days away, I just wanted to remind you beautiful Corpus Christi folk that I have 10 pieces of art hanging in Coffee Waves (the downtown location next to Exec Surf Club). Some are old. Some are new. Some are pink. Some are blue. Some are small. Some are tall. But all are by me and as fun as can be!

How cheesy was that? :)

 Either way, cheese or no cheese, go check them out before I take them down next week! I happen to love a lot of them and have heard some sweet compliments from some sweet, sweet friends about them. Thanks for the love, yall. Thanks for the love. <3

Oh and get yourself a hot chocolate.
Mmmm....i love Coffee Waves hot chocolate.

Go check 'em out! And tell your friends.

xo, jade...

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