Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hannah and Andrew

Just popping in to check how you all are doing!

And I also wanted to throw a quick message out to you today as you prepare for the holiday this weekend.

One of my high school best friends has an older sister who was a mentor to me through those beautiful, awkward teenage years. I always marveled at his relationship with his sweet, nurturing sister, because it wasn't the sort of sibling relationship you often would see. They were a team and it encouraged me in ways they never knew of. I loved his family deeply and though we drifted apart after graduation, they have always had a special place nestled deep in my heart.

When his older sister was arrested for murder years later, I knew she was innocent. I avoided the news at all cost because I knew it was lies that were being spewed from their hateful lips. She is an angel and a person I desperately wanted to emmulate. As a wife. And as a mom. As a woman who fought for Jesus with her whole heart.

I was a newlywed when she was imprisoned for a charge that I knew to be false.
Now I'm a mother of two and she is still serving her life sentence while her 5 beautiful babies wait for her to come home.

If you want to give me a present for Christmas, it's this:

Read this article and do what you can for Hannah.

She is still mentoring me to this day. Even from behind prison bars. She is still teaching me how to be a wife. A mother. But most importantly, she is still teaching me how to love the Lord with all my heart.

Read this. Please.

You can also go to this website and write a letter to the powers that be and cry out for her release

Thank you for reading this.
Thank you Texas Monthly for the article.
And thank you Nate Saenz for being my friend all those years ago.

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  1. absolutely heartbreaking. It is so hard not to let media influence the way you view things, especially when you never hear the other side of the story.