Saturday, December 31, 2011

Safe and Sound

I feel as though I ought to be a little more emotional, a little more sentimental tonight. I'm seeing cheers for the New Year ringing across my iPhone screen, but it's very subdued and quiet in my little blue house tonight. My cute husband is out serving the people of our city, doing what he can to make a difference in the world. I have both our boys tucked away in bed. And here I sit, eating a bowl of cereal, switching forth between Words with Friends, re-reading my favorite books, and checking the computer for something...anything. My best friends are scattered, my brother was here briefly, entertaining the boys with nerf guns and bug farms...

But now it's quiet. And my eyes are sleepy (and I'm battling a head cold). And my heart is full of the miraculous, beautiful, and memorable ups and downs that 2011 brought. Quiet reflection. Marveling at how quickly the year has passed. How far we've come and how our journeys are further still.

I would be lying to you if I said I was cheerfully welcoming in 2012. It may be that I am ringing in the new year by myself (and a bowl of captain crunch).

But truly. I know I am not alone. It's a quiet rebuff from the Maker of love and thunder...I am not alone this night. The new adventure of a new  year lays before my little family and I can only look back and be thankful and look ahead and be expectant.

So here's to a sweet night to myself, reading, meditating, and praising the Maker above for the days past, and the new days ahead.


PS here is my current favorite song...

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