Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{celebrating four}

I am celebrating this four year old today
Today has been crazy. We are getting ready to have a big event at our church this Saturday and I've been on the phone/answering emails/organizing nearly all day. My birthday boy has been amazing dealing with his mama running into walls and scampering from room to room like a crazy person.

I had to take a break from it all and play on the floor with my boys, sing to the biggest one, and share a cookie with them. I was able to take the boys to Target to use a giftcard that Libby gave Wesley for his birthday and he picked out not one, but TWO Batman action figures. I suggested getting Robin instead of both Batmans, or a Batman and a Superman. But he said "what could be better than TWO batmans?" It cracked me up, so two (different) batmans he proudly handed to the cashier. When he gave her the giftcard to use, he was giddy.

I think about this past year and I am amazed at how he has grown and changed.

He has pulled on his role as big brother with incredible ease. I have much to learn from my eldest son. He cherishes his family deeply and loves the people in his life. Sometimes at night when we pray, he just celebrates everyone he knows and thanks God for them. He always says "i love the whole world" and it teaches me to love just as big as he.

He asks tough questions, and he holds my hand as I think through the answers. He is meditative in such a way that it makes me believe that he will be a fine leader. He is hospitable. He is creative. He is stubborn.

He surprises me with how thoughtful he is. He notices my hair, when it's up or when its left long down my back, and he twirls a piece in his finger and says "you are so beautiful, like a flower." He notices the little things. And I love it.

Sometimes he instructs his little brother on how to be brave, or strong, or imaginative. And he uses all those words clearly and confidently, always providing an example with each lesson.

He lights up when his daddy comes home from work, and always asks him "how was your day?" or "did you sleep well last night?".

Four years have flown by. I ache at how quickly time passes, but I praise God for each day. I anticipate the wonderful accomplishments and tender mistakes that lay before us and pray that no matter the circumstance, that my sons will choose God. Always. I constantly pray that all these miraculous little gifts that I see him share are just a faint glimmer of what he COULD possess with a relationship with the one who has saved us.

I, who knows him best, can only marvel at the unique individual that he is. He has a light within him that glows bright. The many roads before him will have obstacles. They will have shining moments of victory and dark days of frustration, but I know this: he will always shine brightly. Because. He is a light-bearer.

Ahh, today I celebrate you, my firstborn son. I grin at the light that I see in you and praise the Maker for allowing me to carry you in my womb.

Four years have flown. It seems like yesterday I was rocking you to sleep, now you are a big boy monitoring your ant farm. :) Just keep those bugs away from me.


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  1. This is precious and I so agree! He is a sweet LIGHT bearer! Love ya'll dearly!