Monday, January 16, 2012

Tomorrow, he will be four.

This past weekend, we celebrated Wesley's fourth birthday with some friends and family. It was a beautiful, sunshine-y, south Tejas day. It was perfect. We had tons of food. Lots of friends. Hoards of kids. And lots of smiles. (and bees).

I can't say enough how thankful I am for the human beings that we share kinship with. Our people. They laugh and cry and love with us. They make us brave. They challenge us. They give us much to grin about. And we love them.

My parents came to town. And of course my brother. And, of course, our friends swarmed our little blue house. It was perfect. Complete with Nerf gun battles.

And my big boy, my firstborn; he had a blast. He was all smiles. And so welcoming. And just glowing.

And, no, I am not sitting here crying, marvelling at how the years have flown. I feel as if tomorrow he is going away to college.

Not yet.

For the moment, I'll give thanks, and smile at the weekend we had.
Tomorrow, he will be four.

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