Thursday, February 23, 2012

Live! from the Sultan's Palace

Yep. That's what my son called the State Capital. "The Sultan's Palace" which translates into "We watch too much Disney" which also translates into "We need to get our rears to Disney World already!!"

We really have too much fun.

Anyways. The point is, we just spent a few whirlwind days at our state's capital, visiting friends, eating delicious food, getting know the drill. The cute husband had some training downtown with fellow environmental nerds (or whatever it is he does) while the boys and I ran around and had fun.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta go to bed. Traveling is so fun, but there's nothing like being home, back to our little blue house.

So, here's a picture for you to look at. (Taken off the top of some random parking garage.) And yes, this image came straight from my camera, minus the watermark. It was a gorgeous night!!

Peace out!

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