Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{made for this}

I used to become frustrated in the era I was born in. Why, oh, why couldn't I have been born at the beginning of the 20th century? Or in the Victorian age? My swoony self thought the 90's to be dull and full of ugly fashion (except of course when I went through the knee-high, plaid skirt Clueless phase....oh and the flowered doc martin phase.....oh and the grunge look.....eeek!) I was disappointed that my brain didn't fit in well with the rest of the world. I was mooning over the Twelve Dancing Princess and reading fairy tales when I was teenager, not sneaking out with boys or getting into trouble (too much). I wasn't interested in the norm. I was reading C.S. Lewis and Robin McKinley and dreaming of adventure and passion and creativity. My friend, Steven, introduced me to some beautiful poetry and stories of valor and excitement and I followed his beautiful writing throughout my whole childhood (and continue to do so in adulthood even though we are states apart and married and old with bills and car payments and life) But some of his stories and writings are still some of my favorites (and I often believed that he, too, belonged in another time period)

But times have changed. The world is passionate about creativity. About connection on a higher, beautiful, brighter level. Technology has made it that way for us.

It's sometimes surprising to me that teenagers today don't remember the days before a computer, cell phone, or ipad. I remember the first day, in 1995, when my dad brought home our first computer. We plugged it in in our little living room. We turned it on and listened to the hum as it began to work it's magic. America Online became my new best friend and it introduced me to internet pen pals (before it was scandalous and scary as it is today). My dad taught me how to send an "e-mail" and I quickly invented a new handle for myself. (It has changed many times over the years).

Then I was in 6th grade when my dad got his first cell phone.

I was in 12th grade when I bought MY first cell phone.

Times have changed.
And I think....would I still want to live in the Victorian age? Or even the early 20th century? When it took days to get a few hours south of your town. I probably would have died in childbirth, looking at the two deliveries that I've had.

I was born in this age for a reason.
I don't know what for. My emotional, swoony side believes it's to tell stories. Ohhh, I'll never be a published author or even well known with my writing, but the relationships that I have built and continue to cultivate are the best arenas for storytelling.

I love to share in the triumphs and to clasp hands through the struggles. To be a participant in someone's story is a joyous gift. My little blue house is passionate about the relationships that we have. Near or far.

I really didn't intend for this post to be about relationships, but we were created for this. And I'm thankful for my kinsmen. You know who you are and I love you.


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