Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello. Raise your hand and clap for joy if you're ready for Andrew Peterson's new album to happen?? (and just while we are on the subject of new albums, Bethany Dillon is tossing out a new EP this Friday....squeeeeal!! Love that girl and her amazing sister Kate)

Here we go. My affections for the Rabbit Room and it's proprietor run deep. I've shared with many of you how his lyrics feel as though they have come straight from my heart. I listen to music constantly and I have never met an artist who's songs seem to have been songs that I have written (and no, I'm not a musician in ANY way nor do I ever write music) but Andrew's songs are MY songs. I claim them. It's like he has stolen my journal and turned them into these beautiful declarations and poignant stories. I listen to them as I drive down these beautiful, winding Texas roads, with the windows down and a song in my heart. My four year old knows him by name and asks often about him (with sweet, innocent curiosity). We celebrate the way the Holy Spirit works in our home through the honest, obedient testimony of Andrew.

And the best part of Andrew is that he's SO human. His human faults, his doubts, his lingering suspicions are all laid out on the table for the average Joe or Jane (or in this case Jade) to witness and share in. Because of all this, Jesus is brightly illuminated. If you want to know more of his heart, I encourage you to dig into the Rabbit Room files or just read this recent post that he shared about his journey with the great Steven Curtis Chapman on a recent tour.

And while I have the Rabbit Room on the brain, I want to share with you some delightful news! I was able to snag a golden ticket to the annual Rabbit Room gathering in Nashville called Hutchmoot. You can read all about Hutchmoot at it's website, but to summarize; it's a group of kindred spirits that get together to learn, sharpen, grow, eat, play, and laugh and love together. I've told a few friends about it and they all smile and say that it sounds like it has my name written all over it. And I feel that it does. I think this is going to be a very special time for me and I just pray that I can use the time that I have with these fellow RR friends to sharpen my heart. And to maybe give something back to them. I am plagued with doubt and guilt and lies from the enemy, but I'm thankful for the light that is shed upon that darkness. When I first registered (It's a pretty slim chance of getting in because of limited spots. They SOLD OUT in 7 minutes flat) I was immediately fired upon by Satan's nastiest shooters. I knew, just KNEW that I was ridiculous for thinking that I could fit in with the proprietor and his circle of amazing friends. I was crazy to think that I could POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to offer to the people that I meet there. How could I have anything to give? I haven't read half the books they have. I have a mediocre level of creativity at best...the lies just kept coming.

Even now, as I sit here writing, I feel the lingering doubt curling up in the back of my mind. I fight it off. I must, because the spirit is telling me to go.

So in September, I'll leave my babies home with the cute, supportive, warrior of a husband, and I shall catch a flight out to the Music City (again, I'm no musician) and surround myself with like-hearted people for four days.

Someone tweeted the night of registration that it takes a special person to pace around while waiting for Hutchmoot Registration to open. Well, I must be a special person, because I was not only pacing, but my hands were shaking, my heart was racing, and the firey arrows of the enemy were being fully launched at me.

And PS, some of my favorite authors will be there, including Andrew and his Wingfeather Saga and his brother Pete, both having written some spectacular tales. We gobbled them up and have felt privileged to share in the stories.

With all that said, I don't have any clear expectations for my weekend in Nashville. I don't know what I can give back to these people, either. I do know that I can only trust that my going is anointed, and there are friendships to be made.

Hutchmoot bound,

And as a side note: Below I have posted a video of AP playing a new song from his upcoming "not yet named" record. 


  1. How exciting! Thanks for the baby love! This baby was a huge surprise and it took us several months for the realization to sink in that we will be parents to three little ones! It still seems surreal at times. But I'm already so in love with this baby. :) btw I love your site. Did you design it? I've been having so much trouble with mine that I'm ready to make a big change.

    1. Nessa! How are the kids reacting to the idea of a new baby in the house? I just can't get over how exciting it is going to be for you all. What a sweet gift for you guys. <3 Need me to come up and take some family pics when little tres is born??? I've been in your neck of the woods quite a bit latey (one of my BF's is having a baby at the end of the month and she's in RR too) :)

      And PS yes, I made my blog header, just used the Blogger customizer to set up my layout, and found my background from a blog background resource. Shabby Blogs, I think.

      I am still tweaking it, but just slowly making changes.