Wednesday, March 07, 2012

{spring cleaning}

So I've been doing some "spring cleaning" and "purging" of unnecessary clutter. It's a good feeling, but it's also shameful how much the cute husband and I have accumulated in only six years of marriage. Granted, we've added a house, a car, a dog, and two kids to our crazy little circle of trust, but still....that's NO excuse to keep the house stocked with useless junk.

And PS, I have been warring with myself about cleaning. I've been following along the journey of a family that has been under months of stress since the dad was hospitalized for some pretty bad stuff. I've been overcome with guilt and grief over their whole journey and so moved by their passion for perseverance and peace. Their faith is the mountain moving kind and I long to be their friend. I just want to sit at the wife's knee and listen to her pray, because her words stir within me a deep and dazzling hunger for more Word. One thing that Denisse said was that she shall never again complain about cleaning or chores, for her life had become so upside down that she began to long for the days of schedules and naptime and chores.

It struck a chord with me and I realized that I should NEVER complain about piled dishes or piles of laundry. I need to rejoice in the chores set before me and celebrate the reasons for the jobs that I have. CELEBRATE, you see. Nor will I complain about my household or any who live within it. Yes, exhausting days come and go and life stirs up some unpleasant moments. But those beautiful, miraculous, celebrated days where I can stand still and stare at the people around me and celebrate....those are the moments to cherish.

I am excited about getting rid of excess. It delights me. It sets me on fire thinking about freedom from plastic stuff. Stuff that fades.

I want to live a life that celebrates the lasting things.
I want to plant trees.
I want to invest in my children.
In my marriage...
In my relationship with other humans.
and in my relationship with the Maker of all life.

I've done it again. I've turned another post into something sappy. My brother told me this weekend that he stopped reading my blog because I barf rainbows and puppies all over the place.

Is that such a bad thing?
Haha..well, the barfing might be...

dusty trails to you,

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