Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Get To

Some of you might not be aware, but I wedding crash. A lot.
And by wedding crash, I mean people pay me money to hang around their party all day long.
And by hang around their party all day long, I mean I GET to take their pictures. All day. Long.
(and yes, those days are quite long)

I adore wedding photography. Being a part of someone's celebration. Witnessing this miraculous union of two completely different, awkward, fallible, so so so human, people.

Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Boy marries girl.

And I GET to celebrate with them.

It's a beautiful, special, honored thing for me to cherish the moments all the day long with their friends and family.

The other night I was able to spend some time with other local photographers for drinks and conversation and dinner. It was a splendid night celebrating each other's talents and unique perspectives. I loved seeing how diverse our crafts are, but how affectionate we feel towards one another.

And I was able to share with them how I felt wedding photography was an opportunity to love the people who wander into my life. I welcome it.

Jamie (my shooting partner) and I make the most of our day with the families to serve, to love, to do for them what the normal photographer wouldn't do. We help run errands, we help the girls get dressed, we tease the boys so that they will grin for us instead of running from the camera. We love them.

In our world today, often the meaning of a wedding covenant is lost. Jamie and I want to be there to help remind them of what their purpose is. We encourage where we can, and we hold their hands when they need a firm touch. We do damage control. We have people on speed dial that can come and save the day should a dilemna arise.

We aren't perfect by any means. We make mistakes just like the next homo sapien. BUT we love with our whole hearts and we laugh and cry and clap and cheer alongside the families. (and sometimes we have to keep ourselves from dancing)

We love our brides. We are honored to walk alongside them on the day that so many symbolic moments flow from. Symbols as old as time are present on these days and we get to witness it. We get to capture it.

We get to.

both weepy and giddy,

{ps, the shots above are from a bridal shoot this past summer and I still tear up whenever I see them}

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