Thursday, April 05, 2012

{The Lost Ring}

Our wedding rings

When the boy asked me to marry him
I loved my engagement ring. The first reason I loved it so deeply was because Nathan gave it to me. The second reason I loved it was because it was gorgeous. Preee-taaaay!

When I lost my ring the summer before Spencer was born, I was horrified. I couldn't imagine a replacement. I was convinced that I had taken the ring off in my sleep (which I was in the habit of doing as I was becoming so very pregnant with Spence and my hands were swelling--along with the rest of me) I knew that it was somewhere in my house. I just knew it.

 Nate and I had DESTROYED the house looking for it. I would become agitated and frustrated and just give up looking. Nearly 2 years later....I am delighted to announce that it has been found! 

It's weird, really. I was thinking about my ring as I took a shower, put on pjs, got my glass of water....was about to tuck in for the night, maybe read a bit while Nate was doing a bit of computer work. Then a thought crossed my mind "I haven't organized my jewelry boxes in a while". Weird thought for 10 at night. But what the heck. The ring was still sort of hovering in the back of my mind.

So I got my largest jewelry box, set it on my bed and started digging through it. I started grinning over some pieces that I have kept over the years. A dolphin necklace a boy gave me in junior high. A dolphin bracelet another boy gave me. A necklace my friend Theresa gave me, and yet another charm that my friend Erin gave me that says "edaj" (jade backwards. likewise, she had one that said "nire" that I gave her)

When I discovered the ring tonight
And as I was going through the contents of my box, grinning foolishly over the beautiful memories of the people I have loved through the years, I picked up a brooch that my mother gave me....and gasped.

Lying beneath the brooch, tucked into the corner of that particular drawer was my ring! MY MISSING RING!

 I picked it up. Felt the familiar setting, the familiar weight of it. I turned it over and over in my hand and then shrieked for Nathan. I said I had found my ring, and he came into the room with a skeptical look on his face. He was so surprised by the discovery. I didn't realize I was crying until he touched my face and teased me. He got down on one knee and put it back on my hand and said "yep, this feels right".

I'm so giddy, it's unbelievable. A few times over the last 20 months since it went missing, we've looked at other rings to replace it, and I've been sad each time. Nothing is what I wanted. I just kept longing for MY ring. The ring Nathan placed on my finger.

Back on my hand, where it belongs
Honestly, we BOTH had searched that box before when we were hunting for the missing ring. We were shocked that it was right there, this whole time. Just waiting to be discovered.

I'm so thankful we found it.
But truly, I'm thankful for the boy who gave it to me in the first place.
The boy, who is now a man, and the father of my children.

Ah. Happiness.


  1. I totally just teared up at him getting on one knee to put the ring back it its rightful place... Love :)

  2. I'm with Jackie! This post made me teary eyed. You are a precious wife Jadie.

  3. Oh wow! What an amazing feeling to have found it! yay
    I wonder if you don't remember putting it there... mysterious!