Monday, April 09, 2012

{Queen of the Paper Crown Princess Society}

This is Amanda. She's whimsical. She's fun. She's inventive. She's brave.

And she is the Queen of the Paper Crown Princess Society.

You see, Amanda, author of Keep It Complicated, has done something many of us only dream of: she's written a book. A children's book to be exact. I've had the delightful privilege of reading a rough draft that Amanda sent me, and let me tell you, I'm excited. BEYOND excited. Ecstatic. Over the moon.

The book, Sadie-The Paper Crown Princess, is absolutely spectacular. I intend to get several copies for the special little girls in my life. You can actually join the Paper Crown Princess Society and have yours or your special someone's little signature in the first edition. You can read more about the Paper Crown Princess Society here, and I encourage you to participate!

I felt so honored that Amanda asked me to shoot some head shots of her. She's a great photographer herself, so I was excited to be the one to take HER picture. I admire her spunk, her tenacity, her beautiful heart. To be around her is to be comfortable, and I love it.
So here are a few glimpses into the fun sunlit evening we had together.

Amanda, cheers to you, dearest. Your book is smashing, which is what I knew it would be from the moment I heard you were writing it.

And you, my friends, who keep up with my blog, feel free to read up more on Sadie, and Amanda, and everything along the way on the Sadie Blog and Keep it Complicated! You'll love it!

A fellow Paper Crown Princess,
jade.... :)


  1. This is so fun! I want to read it!!

  2. I know some camp babies that would LOVE this book! I see some Paper Crown Princess purchases in my future. :)