Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Week one

My brand new copy of Veronica Roth's newest book!

The first week of May was a long, exhausting road for us. I'm thankful that it's behind us, but still grieve the swiftness of time's passing. Days are not things to wish away, and I never want to be that kind of person. So even though it was a rough one for the darling love and myself, I'm grateful.

In the first week of one of my favorite months:
  • My adorable husband fell ill. With severe flu-like symptoms. Fever. Chills. The works.
  • My kids and myself (praise God) were spared from it. Whew.
  • I shot pictures at a Golf Tournament for the camp that I love. (SO fun!)
  • I shot pictures at a wedding (that was so very impressive) on Cinco de Mayo!
  • I shot bridals of a stunning young woman. Someone I respect and love.
  • We had small group at our home. Without childcare = chaos! Love <3
  • We had a nice little visit from my brother. (Who came to town for the BFF's bday)
  • We celebrated the best friend's birthday. With her favorites: cookie cake and burgers.
  • I read the second book of the Divergent trilogy :) Excited about Book Club next week.
  • I edited, edited, edited. 
  • Nate worked till 2:30am on Friday night at the King's Ball, only to get up for the golf tourney at 6:45am on Saturday.
 Those are just the MAIN things that happened. Needless to say, it was a wacky week. The worst of it being Nate getting sick. Whenever my man is not 100%, life in our house goes berserk. Mainly ME.

I can't stand him being in bed, unable to live life fully and joyfully. It makes me so thankful for the other 360 days a year that he is healthy. I kept him quarantined to our bedroom and kept the little men away from him. They were sad, and missed him, but boy! was it sweet the morning Nate woke up feeling better and made us all pancakes! Love that man.

Oh. And since we are being slowly introduced to the world of Star Wars (we ARE going to have a movie marathon at the OC soon) we celebrated Star Wars Day on Friday. :)

So now it's time to gear up to all the crazy that is ahead for us. :) And to anticipate it with joy!
xo, jade...

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