Friday, May 11, 2012

where the wildflowers are

There is a park that I pass by often as I run errands here and there. I've often noticed the strange arrangement of newly planted oak trees, and wondered who thought to plant 6+ trees in a circle like that. The trees are adorable, barely 5 or so feet high. Some smaller than others. The park itself is nothing special. I never would think to take the little dears there when we have a perfectly adequate fort in our own backyard and a creek down the street to explore when we wish.

But the other day something about the park caught my eye. Someone had recently mowed the entire park and field, but left the interior of the trees alone. Inside the circle of trees, to my extreme delight, were wildflowers!!

Wildflower season is my favorite season. I know that I blather on and on about mountains and the snow, but truly, the small window of Spring that South Texas holds is truly a remarkable sight to see. It is often overlooked, mostly because it swiftly passes. Texas, well South Texas, is hot and humid and sticky nearly 9 months out of the year. The month of November becomes mild and cool. December and January and MAYBE February brings us lower 60's temperatures. MAYBE. And then March hits and the wildflowers begin blooming life into our generally mundane landscape. It is fleeting though. The high temperatures begin to slowly creep in. The rains damage the flowers. And our ghastly wind rips through, destroying any sort of beauty they once held.  And every Spring, as the coldness seeps away, my heart leaps at the sight of the raucous color that begins to line our roads and blanket our fields. My soul becomes alive and I feel as if ANYTHING is possible. Of course I would feel that way when so much depth can be found in those budding blooms. Rebirth. Resurrection. Renewal. NEW life! What a pleasure. What joy.

Of course, by April, many of the blooms are browning. Seeding for the next year. Then they turn to dust. Or get mowed. Wildflowers in May is a rarity. Mainly because we have such hot seasons. Even winter is on the milder side. What winter?

So you can understand my insane delirium when I spotted the small garden of wildflowers encircled by those darling little trees. Wesley thought I'd gone mad when I pulled over and lept out of the car with my iphone to snap a shot. I went nuts. And he, too, became excited. He's a lover of flowers like his parents.

The next day, I dragged my family out in the rain (Nate had a half hour window for us--he had a paper to write) and we took some impromptu family pictures. I knew we were in for some crazy storms this week, so I was terrified that the flowers would be destroyed in the high winds and hail. (Note: I have yet to drive by to see if last night's storm ruined my little pixie hollow)

We had so much fun. It was quick. Ridiculous. Hilarious. Ah, but it was fun. And a special shout out to Jamie + Lei for meeting us in the rain to snag a shot of the four of us.

I'm just so overwhelmed with gratitude right now. Life is full of storms. But having a family to weather the rain and lightning and thunder with is such a magnificent gift. Nathan and I have always said, "I love you, through the sunshine and the shade". We are with the other. Heart. And soul. It reminds me that there are people, young and old, who are without the nurturing necessity of family. I need to give more. I need to share more. I need to open up those corridors in my heart that have been long locked up by selfishness and vanity. 

Love is like wildflowers; It's often found in the most unlikely places.  
 --R.W. Emerson

No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up 
in the middle of nowhere.  -Sheryl Crow

drinking in the beauty,

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