Monday, June 11, 2012

{sara + luke}

When I first met my husband, he was a youth minister at a small town church that he had grown up attending. As our friendship began to blossom, I began to see all these wonderful, attractive qualities that he possessed. Loud and clear, baby. 
The first being his generous heart. Nate was constantly giving any and all that he could. And he gave with little thought to what he might receive in return.
He was dedicated. No matter what circumstance he found himself in, he was passionate about following through with his task. 
He was a hard worker. He so diligently worked and he did it with integrity. Laziness never crossed his mind.
And even with his strong, ethical heart, he possessed a joy that lit his beautiful brown eyes up. He always found moments to grin whole-heartedly and to laugh loudly with a purity that I've seen few men wear.
I adored him. And I was inspired by him. He still has all of these qualities today, but he's added so much more. It's impossible to explain how much more I love him. There just aren't words.

When I began hanging around Nate as much as humanly possible, I met one of the kids he so unselfishly invested in. This boy had the brightest eyes and the sweetest temper. I was a fan. He was always with Nate, cruising around in Nate's little white truck and eating all the time. Nate loved this boy and then I loved him too. I loved this bright eyed boy so much that I dragged him off for the summers to camp to work with me on staff. And he loved it as I loved it. The fun we had will always be tucked in my heart, for it was during those summers that I began to see this boy possessed all the qualities that I loved in my Nathan. This boy was generous. He was dedicated. His work ethic was beyond compare. He had joy light up his bright eyes with unspeakable peace, even through life's storms. I was proud of him. And it was in this season that this bright eyed boy became a man.

And then he met a girl. At that camp. Where I met my brown eyed husband. Who introduced me to that bright eyed boy. That I loved with all my heart.

And the rest is history.

It's my privilege to walk through life with this couple. I've been blessed to capture so many important moments for them with my camera. And now they celebrate their one year wedding anniversary this month and I was able to do some pictures out at that camp that we love. They aren't perfect. They are impossibly flawed just like the rest of us. But they are dedicated. And they are passionate. And they are committed to each other. 

I simply can not wait to take pictures of their babies whenever the time comes. I'm excited to see where their many roads take them and to see them glorify the Maker with their lives.

Love you guys.
No seriously. 
LOVE yall!

Enjoy the trip down memory lane....ending with some of my favorites of their anniversary pictures.

feeling quite mushy,
xo, jade


  1. Ok, I just cried. Bawled my eyes out like a baby, sitting at Starbucks. This post is awesome. Love you girl!!

  2. What a sweet sweet story. You inspire me friend!