Monday, August 06, 2012

Hello August!

Good morning!
Six days in and we are already rollin' into August. Can you believe how the year is passing?

August is probably one of my LEAST loved months.
Simply because it was always when school started for us and I hated to bid my beloved summers adieu. Plus it's murderously and mercilessly hot. HOT HOT HOT. And also because Hobby Lobby likes to be evil and pull out the fall and winter decor and tease us lovers of those seasons with their unrealistic beauty. Like we have EVER had a real Fall or Winter in South Texas. Except for that one Christmas that it snowed, the winter before Nate proposed to me. Ah, it was magical.

Dreaming of snow

Anyways, enjoy the beautiful, sweltering, dog days of August. My month is busy already, so you probably shan't see me blogging too too much. I hope to squeeze in a few Jade Thoughts and some picture updates and Nursery room ideas with you. :)

The best thing about today: I am 10 weeks along!! I am just going to continue trusting the Maker above and praying over this child in my womb. We are still resolved to not find out what the baby's gender is :) Eeeek!

So thankful. So blessed. So undeserving.

And maybe just a little bit sweaty too....bring on the rain, Lord! We need to be cooled off in south tejas. :)

xo, jade...


  1. praying for you for that precious baby in the womb. love reading your blogs!

  2. Can't wait to see your gender neutral nursery ideas!
    I miss you!

    I think it's so awesome that you guys are choosing not to find out the sex.

  3. yay for 10 weeks!
    thinking of you!