Sunday, December 02, 2012


It's no secret that I am really into toys. I have many from my own childhood that I still cherish to this day. The boys play with some of my figurines that were some of my very best adventure sharers. I relate to Andy from Toy Story so acutely. The way he imagines these great battles between good vs. evil and the camaraderie that his toys share with one another always gets me choked up. I absolutely lose myself in Toy Story 3. I cry Every. Single. Stinkin'. TIME!! Every time. It doesn't matter if we are sitting in a waiting room at a doctors office and they are showing it on the tv. It doesn't matter if we are at Gatti Town and its on the kids big screen and the place is packed with wild animals running lose high on sugar and game tokens. I always cry. I just loved my toys growing up and I love how the boys (Spence is slowly, but surely, getting there) use their imagination and line up armies to be taken out by Rex.

SO every year, when the new toys come out around the holidays my eyes get big and bright and full of wanting because I love to sit under a tree with my boys and play with GI Joes or my original Strawberry Shortcake figures (yes, my boys play with my girly toys....though they usually end up buried or tied to the back of a truck).

Fortunately for me I married a man who grew up with Hot Wheels and rocks and dirt, so there is a healthy balance (for the most part) of Toy harboring in our family. I go nuts and he brings me back to earth. The first time Nate decides to take me to Disney World, he will probably have to tie one of those kiddie leashes onto me because I will be losing my mind with excitement.

This season, while I've already finished my wrapping for the boys in my life, I still get itchy when I walk through a store. If it has a Toy Story logo on it or a Cars logo or heck, a Tinker Bell or Tangled logo, I stop and daydream about the adventures to be had with this plastic stuff (as Dave Ramsey calls it....and yes, cute Dave is totally right.) But I still daydream nevertheless.

BUT, I walk away. I've done my shopping for the boys. They each got a special little something from me and Nate, and a stocking with a few little things in it I know they will really enjoy, but that's it. It's sort of a big deal that this is happening, because I LOVE toys.

And even though this is a huge deal for me, it's still isn't even enough. Nathan and I have goals to be debt-free (completely debt free. Not just a car payment+mortgage debt free, but completely debt free. One car paid off: check! haha) And it's not just so that we can GET more from being debt free. It's so we can GIVE more. I married a man who has a generous heart. He teaches me everyday about selfless love. I share my love. But I also love to get the lovin' back. (Words of affirmation, gifts, quality time. I'm needy, alright.) But Nate will love with out any expectations. And I want more of that in my heart.

So this video helps me along a bit with the whole selfishness that I often harbor. I hope you watch it. And when you see a toy at the store, wave at it, but don't go into debt for it. Haha.

[AC] 2012 Promo - Basic from Advent Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Here's to a Bright and Merry season celebrating the BEST thing in the world! The Birth of Jesus!
xo, jade..

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