Wednesday, December 12, 2012

His Daddy's heart

I just read a blog that Rebecca Woolf from Girl's Gone Child wrote about her eldest child, her son Archer. She talks about how he can't wait to be a dad someday (he's 7) and most of her article rang so true to my heart when I ponder on the heart of my oldest, Wesley.
If you know Wesley in the real life (and not just via instagram/fb/and blogger) then you know he can be as tender as a child can be. AND he can be as rambunctious and wild a little boy as can be. One minute he will be curled in my arms telling me great and fabulous tales of knights saving princesses and dragons who are actually friendly dragons, whereupon the next moment he is leaping off of his fort with his sword in hand, chasing his brother around and tackling him to the ground. One minute he will be sitting by my side painting or making a craft, the next minute he's Iron Man shooting lasers at Dr. Unstoppable and his legion of Alien Cars (his invention, not mine). He's very well rounded in his tastes and affections. Well. For a four year old. :)

But one thing I've always known is that Wesley has inherited his daddy's heart. Nathan was made to be a dad. He simply was programmed that way. The first hours in the hospital, I was pretty out of it from my surgery and Nathan took the reigns like it was NBD. No fear. He changed that first gross diaper. He fed that first bottle. He held and burped him and cuddled him. No fear. (I on the other hand was completely emotional and a wreck and LOOKED like a really badly groomed fraggle in ugly pajamas. It wasn't pretty). And NOT only did he handle things that first day, he handled them GLADLY and with impressive natural skill.

Today Spencer (who has been pretty sick these last 2 days) was crying and throwing things in the heat of his tantrum over me taking away the ipad.

While he is screaming and throwing things, Wesley intervenes and this is their conversation:

Wesley: "Woa, Spencer! Woa! Calm down. Just calm down. Do you want to go to our room talk about it?"
Spencer: "uh huh"
Wesley (with his arm around Spencer as they walk to their room): "You have to calm down little buddy. It's just no good, no good at all when you get mad like that. You can't be screaming and throwing things. Do you know what happens when I get mad and throw a fit? I get a spanking. Do you want to get a spanking?"
Spencer: "uh uh"
Wesley: "That's right. Nobody likes spankings. You don't want mommy to spank you. You just need to calm down and realize that the ipad isn't important. It's just a game. What's important is mommy, daddy, you, me, and God. And all the people in the world. People are more important than games right? And God is more important than everything. So you need to calm down and quit screaming. Ok?"
Spencer: "uh huh"
Wesley: "Do you want to go tell mommy youre sorry and give her a hug?"
Spencer: "uh huh"

So they come into the playroom (where I was sitting on the window seat listening to their entire conversation) and Wesley says "Mom, Spencer wants to apologize for his tantrum", to which Spencer walks up to me with his head hung low and hugs me.

To say that Wesley is a little daddy is an understatement. A few weeks ago we were at a going away party for some friends and there was a sweet newborn baby girl present. There was a long line of little girls (and some grown ones) ready to hold sweet baby Mia. And of course, Wesley. He was the only little boy in line to see the new baby girl. He looked over at me, gave me his special smile, and stood on his tiptoes to see the baby a little closer. He wants a baby sister so bad, he's been asking about adopting one since there's no guarantee that God will give us a biological one. So we've been talking about adoption and everything it entails quite a bit and I told him someday when he grows up and gets married, that might be something he and his wife can do. I'm not saying no to adoption for us now, but it's given me something new to pray about for HIM someday.

I'm grateful for Wesley's tender side. It reminds me to show more tenderness when I tend to be short tempered and busy.
 How amazingly blessed am I? Always grateful for these wonderful, unique, so incredibly fun and zany children. And I am so grateful for the man that these children are half of. So grateful.

xo, jade..