Friday, December 21, 2012

Some Big News, Some Big Change

I have been staring at this screen for a half hour trying to decide the best way to share with you the news that Nathan and I have been harboring these past few months. It's good news, I assure you, don't freak out, but it's BIG news. The kind of news that made us lay awake night after night, praying whether we were truly discerning the Holy Spirit or just chasing a dream.

Well, I'm happy to share with you this new reality that is hitting our family full force this Christmas season:

Our family is packing up our little blue house (not the house, just the people and stuff in it) and we are MOVING to.........CAMP ZEPHYR, the camp that I love. The camp that I met my husband at. The camp that provided deep, beautiful, and yes, sometimes painful, shelter for me during many days of my youth. It's been 7 years since I worked there as a summer staffer and over 12 years since I've been there as a wee camper myself. It's a place that holds so much comfort for me and everytime I enter it's gates, I feel as if I'm home. (Quick edit: some of you might not even know what Camp Zephyr is! Forgive me. Zephyr is a summer camp and retreat facility complete with cabins, a lake, a pond, pool, ropes course, etc.etc. that hosts all sorts of different groups from Senior Adult week long camps to high school band camps and everything in between. It exists to further God's kingdom through service and relationships. More info here: Camp Zephyr)

Nate and I are still reeling over the enormous honor that has fallen to our family. Families come and go at Zephyr, but they always remain just that: family. The Zephyr family stretches far and wide from a small village in Guatemala, up to Arizona (where a beloved Z family is en route to next week) and so many wonderful places in between. People might live 10 hours away from Zephyr, but the moment they are close to its gates, their hearts begin thumping with giddy anticipation. It's a place of refuge. It's a place of growth. It's a place to crawl to the foot of the throne of Heaven to worship. And once you've tasted the goodness that is that place (by God's mighty grace) you are family. (You know who you are, friend from my youth, who is reading this now, Yes, I'm talking to you. You are family too and a part of the Zephyr story).

Some back story: You remember that darling boy that I blogged about months ago? His darling wife got a fancy east coast job in New Jersey and the two of them packed up their little house at Zephyr where they were living and serving and moved to the east coast (just in time for a crazy hurricane!). While the Z family grieved its loss in this cute little couple and their two fur-babies, the praying and searching began to fill his position. A position that my husband applied for. And a position that my husband has accepted.

Nate's title (I believe) is Director of Guest Services. So his job will be a little different than Luke's (Zephyr is an ever evolving place of business, but first and foremost a ministry to further any and all Kingdom work!) but his job will be essentially the same: loving the staff, overseeing guests who walk through its doors, and furthering the ministry that is Camp Zephyr.
We finally shared with Wesley yesterday that we were moving and I'm overjoyed by his enthusiasm. I was nervous, because it's such a big change. But we talked about the things that would happen and the fact that he would have a new bedroom with Spencer and it's okay if he misses their old room in our little blue house, but there is going to be amazing adventures on the horizon. He accepted all that I said with pleasure and excitement.

Spencer will go with the flow as he always does, I'm certain. In fact the big field that will be across from our house will probably be a favorite place of his. And all those trees to climb. How excited am I to see him blossom out there.

Obviously there are a million things to be done, and the fact that I'm very pregnant in the midst of a move, and other previous commitments on the calendar (Photizo!!!!!) I am excited and anticipate for God's glory to shine brightly through these changes.

Nate shared with his coworkers yesterday about his decision and I will admit to tearing up a bit over the relationships he has forged there. God has provided for us so greatly with his job at CITGO and I'm thankful for all of the coworkers there who have encouraged him and taught him on his journey. There are people there (you know who you are if you are reading this) that I know we could call in a pinch who would come to the rescue if ever they were needed. These relationships will be missed, and we are so grateful for them!

Another big question we've gotten from the few people who we've shared this news with: Will we still be at Oso? The answer to that is Yes. YES. We will still come into town to church at Oso. While Nate's job will have him working some Sundays, we all pay our dues and rotate, enabling us to have Sundays free where we can worship where we choose. Oso is our home and we feel no pressure to leave it for a closer church. The commute really isn't so bad. (I will just be leaning a little more heavily on church family on those Sundays Nate won't be with me as I am getting very pregnant and will soon be towing three little wild things around with me)

Things you might pray for:

1. Our little blue house to be rented to responsible renters. We fully trust God's provision on this. Please pray with us on this!

2. Community. My largest concern from the beginning was our need to be connected to people. Z can sometimes be a bit daunting to drive out to for some and there are going to be days where I just won't have the energy (sleep deprivation haha!) to drive into town. I talked with Tammy and Audie about this already :) and trust that you, my friends, will be praying for me as it's a place of insecurity and frustration for me. And the enemy knows it. Our family is a family who loves and appreciates community and conversation. Thankfully, I already have people in the OG area (and of course my fellow camp ladies-wives and my dearest Abby!) who I know I can lean on and pray with.

3. Good health for us all. My pregnancy, compounded with sick children, or a sick husband is a terrible, rotten, no good mix. When Nate starts, (his official start date is Jan.14) he will be hitting the ground running, stuffing his brain with Z knowledge and training. We can't afford to have sickness fall over us. And I have less than 10 weeks before I deliver this little (er...large) baby. So please, pray with me for good health during this transition.

4. Peace. Peace for our hearts, peace for the boys. Transition can be a very painful, but a very beautiful process and we anticipate SUCH goodness from this new chapter in our lives. God is faithful to provide and we are trusting Him in all this.

Thank you, friends. Thank you for your support in this. Thank you for the love you show me and our family so very often. We are so excited. So grateful. Always grateful.

And we are so honored to be one more chapter in the Zephyr story. Woo!
xo, jade....


  1. Excited to see GOD doing more AWESOME things in you and your families life :) IT is ALWAYS best to follow GOD and your heart <3

  2. I adore your amazing, adventurous spirit! The boys are going to love being there, as I know you and Nathan will. This is going to be so good for your sweet family. Blessings to you, and I glad the cat is finally out of the bag! Love you!

  3. The boys and stormy girl are going to have such great adventures!
    I love change, this is going to be good for you all :) !

  4. We are thrilled for your family!!

  5. I didn't know you guys moved to Zephyr! What a fabulous place, how exciting! Happy for you guys and your new bundle arriving soon ;)