Sunday, April 13, 2014

The wildflower season

“If people did not love one another, I really don't see what use there would be in having any spring.” 
― Victor HugoLes Misérables

This past weekend was a busy weekend for my camera. I was able to rub so many pregnant bellies and capture some special moments amongst friends. I was able to prance through some wildflowers and make some children laugh. I was able to pull over on the side of a lonely Texas country road and stare at the setting sky for a minute. The sun waved me farewell and I jumped back in my car and flew home to my babies. It had been a long day away from my family and their smiles were what I was missing most.

Spring is really and truly my most favorite season of all the seasons. Abby has me convinced. I used to think that winter was my favorite because of the twinkle lights and the cuddles and the sparkles and Christmas. All the festivities and cheerful smiles always fill me up with joy. Celebrating the birth of my Jesus makes it all the more special and wonderful.

Then I thought my favorite season was fall for all of it's leaves and pumpkins and delicious food. Nothing beats the feeling of the first cool front that blows through the hot, thick air of South Tejas. If you can be outside when the first cool front cuts through our land of heat and sunshine, you are a fortunate soul indeed. It's an exhilarating feeling that wakes up the heat-sleepy senses and the spike in cheer is an almost tangible thing. 

Summer is a fond time for my family, though bittersweet. Living on a summer camp, Nate's days become so very long and busy, but we are able to experience summer so differently than most. We get to have never-ending pool days and amazing views of fireworks for 8 weeks out of the summer (we just sit on our porch and marvel at the beauty). We get to walk down to the camp cafeteria and dine with friends and family. We get to experience a lot of blessings in summer that normal families don't. The heat is exhausting and the mosquitos and bugs are annoying, but summer is beautiful and sweltering and satisfying. It's wonderful.

But after all those marvelous seasons, I know that Spring is my most favorite. It's a time of renewal. Of rebirth. Of celebration. The skies change. The flowers begin to grow. The trees bloom. The cows and horses have their babies and wee little bunnies peek out from the woods. 

But the wildflowers. Ohhhh the wildflowers. The sunsets. The sky. The joy of standing in the middle of a field of flowers and staring up at the wild horizon is miraculous and freeing. The happiness that comes from the fellas in my life picking flowers for me. Yes. Spring is my favorite. The wildflower season.

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