j a d e + 4


My name is Jade. I'm a south Tejas girl born in the wrong part of the world. I've never truly considered moving away from the southern wilds (though I have daydreamed of it often). There is much adventure to be had here still, but I do enjoy exploring the earth as much as I can.

I'm married. To #thecutehusband. He is a darling, brave, wise man who serves his family and community well. I'm grateful for him and the way he understands my brain and all it's complexities. 

Naturally, being married to that fantastically handsome man, we decided to have babies together.We have three wee man-cubs who are completely different and completely wonderful.  

Our family believes in the resurrection of Jesus. We love to serve our community and tell His story. We just want to be real. And we want to love. His is a story worth telling. Ours would be incomplete and untrue without Him. 

I also really love trees. And the sky. And the earth.

And books. I have a library. It's full of adventure and smart things and pirates and dragons. 

I really like sentimental mushy stuff. And I cry a lot. Yep. I'm a cryer. A big ol' weeper. 
I'm also learning how to garden. Oh and I love wildflowers and roses and pretty, sparkly things.

I'm not complicated at all....